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Classic pizza flavors on the go! The Deluxe Panzerotti features a winning trio of pepperoni, ham, and mushrooms, all nestled in our golden crust with rich tomato sauce and melted cheese.

  • Pepperoni, Ham, Mushrooms, Cheese, Sauce, Included

The Deluxe Panzerotti takes your favorite pizza toppings and transforms them into a handheld masterpiece. Here’s what makes it special:

  • Golden, Flaky Crust: Our signature dough is hand-crafted to achieve a perfect balance of crisp on the outside and soft, pillowy on the inside, the ideal vessel for the fillings.
  • Rich Tomato Sauce: A layer of tangy, slow-simmered tomato sauce forms the flavorful base for the ingredients.
  • Melty Mozzarella Cheese: Stretchy, gooey mozzarella cheese acts as a unifying element for all the delicious fillings.
  • Classic Toppings Trio: A winning combination of savory pepperoni, diced ham, and earthy mushrooms brings a symphony of textures and flavors to every bite.


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