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Petrolia Pizza’s Club Sub is a feast for the senses! Layers of sliced meats, fresh veggies, and your choice of dressing on a toasted sub roll. A delicious option for those who crave variety!


Get ready for a flavor party with Petrolia Pizza’s Club Sub. This sub promises a symphony of textures and tastes on a toasted Italian sub roll. Imagine a delicious combination of sliced meats, stacked high for a truly satisfying experience.

Petrolia Pizza might use a classic combination of deli meats like ham, turkey, and roast beef. They could also add some sliced salami for a touch of spice. To complement the savory meats, the sub might feature crisp lettuce, juicy tomato slices, and maybe even a sprinkle of red onion for a bit of a bite.

Petrolia Pizza might offer a variety of condiments to customize your Club Sub, allowing you to create your perfect flavor profile. This could include options like mayonnaise, mustard, or a tangy vinaigrette dressing.

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Mini, Reg.


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