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Sink your teeth into our classic Meatball Sub! Homemade meatballs simmered in a zesty marinara sauce, nestled on a toasted sub roll and smothered with melted cheese. Fresh parsley adds a pop, and additional toppings are available to create your perfect bite.


Our Meatball Sub is a hearty and comforting classic. We start with plump, homemade meatballs simmered in a rich and flavorful marinara sauce. These tender meatballs are then nestled on a toasted Italian sub roll and layered with melted provolone cheese for a satisfying gooeyness.

For that perfect finishing touch, a sprinkle of fresh parsley adds a touch of brightness. You can customize your sub with additional toppings like roasted red peppers, sliced banana peppers, or a drizzle of balsamic glaze for a touch of sweetness.

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